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The Running Story

Things Are Afoot

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Welcome and greetings. Now.. for the rules.
1. No chat shorthand, "u" inplace of "you" is not permited neither is, "r" inplace of "are" or, "or". We will not tollerate lazyness within our stories.

2. You don't have to be a spelling genius, or even very good at grammar (god knows loozerartist isn't.) But at least TRY to do decently on the stories.

3. NO Spamming of this community, we are here for stories, born and bred within the community, if you've an idea for a new story, contact one of the moderators and get it approved.

4. No porn, nothing written for the sake of writting, it MUST fist into the story.(Keep it below R if you can please.)

5. Don't be asshats.

Now.. for rules of the GAME.

A. A snipet of a Story or a start is posted, the next person (we go alphabetically here by the member's list) Will take up where the other person is left off, they can write as much as they want and a minimal of 5 sentances from that place, then post it as new post.

B. New members MUST post when it is there turn.

C. New posts must be posted with pervious snipet, but do not include more then 1 previous portion, if there is a section before you master post, (being the part where you are taking off from) do not include it. Just the section you are writing directly from.

D. To indicate breaks between where you are taking up from and the other left off from please place three astericks (***) at the end. (this is for us to be able to know where snipets end and begin)

E. If your turn comes up and you are stumped, or otherwise unable to post anything, either pass it on (by notifying the next member, or a Mod.) If you don't respond after 3 days, we'll assume you can't and proceed. So please, let us know if you are taking longer, or if you arn't going to do it.

Don't bother with an introduction or announcment that you are new, just when your turn comes around, take it and proceed.

Thank you,
The Mods,
Joker (loozerartist) and Sancho(zombiejesus)!